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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Essentials

So, I know I usually upload on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I started school on Monday, and it has been so busy for me. The classes I'm taking this semester seem a lot more complex than the classes I took last semester, so I really hope I'll have time for stuff other than schoolwork!
I had planned on uploading this post yesterday, but I had quite a bit of homework (already?!?), and by the time I finished making the graphic for this post, it was like 11:30, and I really needed to sleep, so, that's what happened...
Anyway, winter officially began on December 21. Although it wasn't too cold during Christmas break where I live, once I got back to school this past Sunday, I experienced winter at its fullest. It was really chilly on Monday and Tuesday, but today it was a serious kinda chilly. It was freezing! And to add to that, the wind was crazy heavy which made it feel even colder (My school even sent out a mass email saying that it might get as low as single digit temperatures this week!). With all the talk of colder weather aka the lowest they've seen since last January, I knew it was time to post some of my Winter Essentials.

1. Flannels: Flannels are great to wear during the winter, especially the over-sized ones because you can wear 3 layers of clothing underneath and no one would know! I've really been liking the look of the boyish ones because they're just so rustic and cool; but, don't get me wrong, I still like the pink, girly ones ( I even bought one this Christmas break!).

2. Hats: I didn't really wear hats, like beanie hats until I got to college. It started getting really cold in November, and because my hair is very fine, the cold felt like it was seeping through my scalp and into my brain (lol), so I had to wear hats. It's not that I don't like beanies, I just always thought it would look weird over my short hair, so I didn't bother. But, once I actually wore it, it didn't look too bad!

3. Gloves: You don't want your hands to freeze and fall off, do ya? I didn't think so! I need to start asking myself that question because I've really been slacking off on my glove-wearing. I don't even know why (today, it was actually because my gloves are pink and black, but I was wearing light blue sneakers, so yeah. We can't have that.)

4. Leg warmers: Great for keeping your feet warm because even when you have on boots, if it's really cold, you'll need those extra warm cushions that are leg warmers. I don't have leg warmers, but my Dad's socks kinda double as leg warmers for me, but I got to school Sunday night, and realized that I had left every. single. pair of them. at. home...

5. Chunky boots: I say chunky boots because I feel like they are more suited for cold weather, rain, snow, etc. than combat boots and/or riding boots. I feel like chunky boots can sorta handle the cold weather better, especially if snow is involved. And, I'm not really nervous about messing up my chunky boots because they're so rugged and tough.

6. Blanket: I'm currently covering myself with a blanket because the air in my dorm room is on. You're probably sitting there wondering, "Why in the world would she have the air on when she just spoke about how cold it is outside?" 
Well, thank you for asking. I have to have it on because I'd rather have it cold than hot, and I also have to have it on because there has to be noise in order for me to sleep. Even at home, I always have the fan on when I'm going to sleep because of the noise. But anyway, blankets are great if you're like me, and you like it to be cold, but you like to be cozied up too, ya feel?

7. Teddy Bear: they're great cuddle buddies when your dog is being uncooperative

8. A good book: for when you're snuggling with your teddy bear!

9. Netflix: no explanation needed

10. Hot chocolate: To keep you even warmer. Hot water should also do the trick.

What are your Winter Essentials? Comment! I'd love to know!

Thank You!
Stay True, Be You,


  1. These definitely are all must-haves for winter! It's been in the negatives where I live, so I've really had to bundle up. And hot chocolate and peppermint mochas are my winter downfall! :)

    1. The negatives?!? And here I am thinking anything the least bit under 32 degrees is extreme! I bet you have to wear so many layers! Bundle up really really really well, Colleen!


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